Magazine Ad Analysis

 Magazine Ad Anaylsis

Magazine Ad #1-Starbucks


  • The ad I chose was focusing on selling the product coffee at the world known Starbucks.  The technique they used in their ad was humor to evoke a response from the customer.
  • The objective of this ad was to let people know that Starbucks will provide them with the “perfect” coffee.  Their main goal is to sell more coffees, to make more business.
  • The target markets they are trying to target in this ad are those coffee lovers.  The ones who are searching for the best coffee, instead of just an ordinary cup.
  • The ad wants the viewer to purchase more cups of coffee and to get their perfect cup of coffee. The viewer will again benefit by being happy with their purchase of coffee.


Magazine Ad #2- Popchips 


  • This ad was focused on selling the product Popchips. The technique that they used to sell their product was more-so informative with the use of statistics.
  • The objective of the campaign were to reveal to the reader that the Popchips were the healthiest type of chip that there is out there.  They compared it to other types of chips, and through their statistics they reveal that the Popchips had the lowest calories, and they are never baked or fried.  They really wanted to show the reader that not only are the chips delicious they are also healthy unlike other chips.
  • The target market that they are trying to reach through this article is those people looking for a healthier lifestyle/snack.  This ad could also be targeted for everyone but those looking to change some ways in their diet and lifestyle would appeal to this ad more.
  • The ad wants the reader to try these healthy chips and share them with friends.  The reader will benefit from eating these Popchips because of their good nutritional value and because they taste good as well.


Magazine Ad #3- Popcorn Ad


  1. This ad I selected focused on selling the product Club-house Popcorn seasoning. I think this ad technique was extremely clever in using the popcorn carrying the bottle of seasoning, as if that is what the popcorn really needed/wanted, hence the “Popcorn prefers Club House.”
  2. The objective of this ad was to show that the popcorn tastes so much better with the featured product White cheddar seasoning.  They want to sell more of their Clubhouse seasoning brands for popcorn.
  3. The target market is not specified in this ad, so therefore I would think they are targeting anyone especially those whom love popcorn.
  4. The ad wants the reader to try not only their White cheddar popcorn Seasoning but also all Club House Popcorn seasonings, the different flavors they have.

Magazine Ad #4- Gold Fish Ad 


  • This ad is focused on selling the fun snack of Goldfish.  The technique they used was creative but simple to evoke a response of the viewer by revealing the real use of cheese in their products.
  • The objective of this ad was to show the reader that Pepperidge Farm does not use artificial cheeses to make their goldfish.  In the ad you see a picture of someone shredding real cheese that turn into gold fish.  By revealing this they are trying to convince their viewers that their quality of food is the highest.
  • The target market they are trying to aim at is those who are concerned with quality in their foods as well as the convenience of such an easy snack in many flavors.
  • The ad wants the viewer to purchase more of their wholesome product that they have worked so hard to make sure it is high in quality. The viewer will benefit by getting a snack that is made out of cheese instead of artificial products.


Magazine Ad #5- Subaro


  • The ad is focusing on the brand name Subaru but more so the individual car Subaru Impreza.  The appeal/technique that they used was informative.  There was no humor or any clever way of them approaching the ad except by showing the Subaru in the winter storm.
  • The objective of this ad was to show that the new Subaru can withstand massive winter storms.  It has great traction and stability that helps control slippery situations, as well as keeping you warm throughout the winter.
  • The target market is those that perhaps have to deal with winter storms a lot and need a car that helps them travel safely.
  • The ad wants the reader to go out and try and buy there greatly priced, multi-advanced vehicle.  The buyer will benefit by getting a car that gets good gas mileage, is safe during the winter, is a great price and well equipped.

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