Value Chain Analysis


Value Chain Anaylsis

Infrastructure: Funds collection, Administrative tasks, strategic planning, government/legal support

Human Resource management: Managing employees, training programs for employees, rewards and appraisals, knowledge transfers, conduction of meetings, and freedom of thoughts

Technology Development: research work, improvising of our products, innovation, launch of new items, feedback from customers, use of IT databases

Procurement: acquiring resources, ingredients from local suppliers

Primary Activities

Inbound Logistics: purchasing raw materials like: sugar, eggs, flour, etc. The relationships we will have with suppliers for our everyday needs

Operations:  Preparation of cupcakes/sweets, customization of sweets, make icing and other sweet items, on time delivery for items, and on time pick-up for picked up items

Outbound Logistics: Serving items fresh, transporting items to and from

Marketing & Sales: Segmentation, target market, branding, redefining our menu, distribution, pricing, advertising, promotional offers, introduction of new products

Service & Support: Work Delivery, customer is happy/feels comfortable, online orders



Outdoor Ad Analysis

    Outdoor Ad Analysis

Outdoor Ad #1 – Disney Movie Ad


  • The ad I selected was put up by the Disney Films.  They were focusing on their latest movie Despicable Me 2. The technique they used was humor considering the Despicable Me movies are pretty funny with the little minions.
  • The objectives of the campaign were to basically inform people of the releasing of the second Despicable Me movie.  They wanted to let them know the release date as well that the movie would be out in 3D as well.
  • The target market is for those young Disney movie lovers, as well as those who were hoping for the second movie of the Despicable Me.
  • The ad wants the viewer to go out and watch the video when it releases. The viewer will benefit by being able to see another great Despicable Me movie.


Outdoor Ad #2 – McDonalds Ad


  • This ad was sponsored by McDonalds and they were not necessarily focusing on one item.  However the focus on this ad was their breakfast items that they have to offer.  I think their technique was just simplistic but clever with the use of the sundial clock, and the clock made by the breakfast items.
  • The objective of this ad was to show viewers that McDonald’s offers so many different breakfast options from 6am- 11am.  I actually love the design of this ad. I loved the use of the breakfast items to give the illusion of the clock. They not only show different items you can get at McDonalds but they also show the time breakfast is sold.
  • The target market I would think that this ad is trying to reach is pretty much all breakfast lovers.  They showed many different options for those who may just want coffee, for those who want something sweet.  I think this ad really targeted many different breakfast lovers.
  • The ad is trying to convince viewers to come in ad try their breakfast menu.  They will benefit from this ad by being able to go to McDonalds where there are tons of breakfast items to choose from.


Outdoor Ad #3- Lowes Ad


  • The ad I selected was for the Lowe’s Store.  The technique they used was very clever but somewhat humorous.
  • The objectives of this ad was to reveal that whatever projects or activities that needed to be finished, could be finished by buying everything they needed at Lowe’s.  They wanted to let viewers know that they could buy a lot of supplies to start or finish projects at very low prices.
  • The target market in this ad I think would be those crafty folks, those people who like to build things or start and finish projects.
  • The ad wants the viewer to come buy their supplies and whatever they need for projects from Lowe’s where they will benefit with finding everything in one store, along with getting everything at a guaranteed low price.


Outdoor Ad #4- Pond’s Ad


  • The ad I selected here was advertising the facial cream Ponds. The technique they used for this advertisement was very clever and unique.  The billboard shows a huge what resembles a facial pore…a clean one at that.
  • The objectives of this ad was to show how the ponds will create a clean and open pore instead of those dirty and clogged up ones that turn into pimples. They wanted to promote their item in order to sell more.  They wanted to inform them that it not only cleans pores, it fights pimples and it is anti-bacterial.
  • The target market they are trying to reach in this ad I think would be those that have acne/skin problems.  They would probably also be targeting more women than men. I don’t that many men would use a pimple facial scrub compared to that of a woman.
  • The ad wants the viewer to become a buyer of Ponds facial scrub.  They want them to use it and see the beneficial results of the cream by getting clean pores, a fresher face, and less pimples.


Outdoor Ad #5- Ikea Ad


  • The ad I selected was a holiday billboard for Ikea.  I feel as if with outdoor/billboard ads you really have to be creative, unique and clever in order to grab people passing by’s attention.  In this ad I too think they used a combination of those techniques to make this ad work.
  • The objectives of this ad were to show that there are many furniture options and decorating options to have in your household for the holidays.  As in the word Joy…there is a sofa, nice dining table, and nice chairs with a foot rest.
  • The target market that Ikea is trying to reach I think would be a wide range of people. They have so many things to offer at their store and in their ad they sort of show that they have many different options to choose from for anyone.
  • The ad wants the viewer to go out and take a look at all that Ikea has to offer.  They will benefit from this ad by being able to have several different options to decorate for the holidays.

Porter’s Five Forces

  • Rivalry Among Companies  


    1. From these analyses we see that the bakery industry is increasingly growing and that our business is very attractive in this area because the number of competitors is large.  There are many bakeries that can provide similar services as Blissfully Sweet, and there are also specialty bakeries near our projected location that will provide us with competition.  These businesses will compete with us on price, quality, differentiation and key relationships with our customers.
    2. In the Raleigh area, there areof course  numerous amount of bakeries; there are several businesses that would be considered our competition, some being The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery, Sweet Memories Bakery, Hereghty, Piece-a-Cake Bakery, Edible Art Bakery, and many more.  With Raleigh being an area of 142.8 square miles, we know that there are going to be several competitors.  Our competitors have been successful because of the widespread different locations of each business, and because of such a high demand and request for sweets and bakery items.  The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery would be our top competitor because they have a great location and offer a variety of services that keep their cliental coming back and steadily growing.
  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers 


    1. In the bakery industry, suppliers do not hold a high negotiating power due to the well developed markets for their products and the common nature of what they are selling.  Some bakeries can be affected by price swings of the raw inputs, but most of the changes are a result of the global supply and demand determinants rather than the supplier’s negotiation power.
  • Bargaining Power of Buyers 


    1. Buyers of the bakery’s industry products, such as supermarkets and grocery stores, are able to appropriate much of the industry’s profit due to a larger number of small bakeries that are all trying to find outlets to perhaps sell their products.  As a result of this, buyers are able to command low prices and volume discounts.  Only the large baking names have the power to achieve a more balanced share of the profits.
  • Threat of New Entrants 


    1. With the baking industry on the rise, there is a threat of new entrants to Blissfully Sweet.  However, with the threat of new entrants will be rather low in the Raleigh area.  Economies of scale are beneficial, but are not required for industry to be successful.  The two main ways to determine a company’s success, is the owner’s ability to acquire sufficient distribution channels to cover the operating costs required to build up the business and their ability to build up their business by getting their brand or store recognition it needs to be successful along with customer loyalty.
  • Threat of Substitutes


  1. Blissfully Sweet will face threat of substitutes from local bakeries that are found more convenient by being simply located in local grocery stores.  Local grocery stores can provide cakes for special occasions and a variety of certain sweets that are also made daily.  Their customer service is not going to measure up to the service we will provide to our customers.  Customers may find this being a substitute when they can simply go in their local grocery store and order a cake for their occasion or simply buy the brownie mix to make their selves.  Blissfully Sweet will rely on their customer service and environment, along with the price and the ease of purchasing at our bakery.


Five Forces Matrix







Weighted Score

Rivalry among companies competing in the industry




Bargaining power of suppliers in the industry




Bargaining power of buyers




Threat of new entrants to the industry




Threat of substitute products or services








Magazine Ad Analysis

 Magazine Ad Anaylsis

Magazine Ad #1-Starbucks


  • The ad I chose was focusing on selling the product coffee at the world known Starbucks.  The technique they used in their ad was humor to evoke a response from the customer.
  • The objective of this ad was to let people know that Starbucks will provide them with the “perfect” coffee.  Their main goal is to sell more coffees, to make more business.
  • The target markets they are trying to target in this ad are those coffee lovers.  The ones who are searching for the best coffee, instead of just an ordinary cup.
  • The ad wants the viewer to purchase more cups of coffee and to get their perfect cup of coffee. The viewer will again benefit by being happy with their purchase of coffee.


Magazine Ad #2- Popchips 


  • This ad was focused on selling the product Popchips. The technique that they used to sell their product was more-so informative with the use of statistics.
  • The objective of the campaign were to reveal to the reader that the Popchips were the healthiest type of chip that there is out there.  They compared it to other types of chips, and through their statistics they reveal that the Popchips had the lowest calories, and they are never baked or fried.  They really wanted to show the reader that not only are the chips delicious they are also healthy unlike other chips.
  • The target market that they are trying to reach through this article is those people looking for a healthier lifestyle/snack.  This ad could also be targeted for everyone but those looking to change some ways in their diet and lifestyle would appeal to this ad more.
  • The ad wants the reader to try these healthy chips and share them with friends.  The reader will benefit from eating these Popchips because of their good nutritional value and because they taste good as well.


Magazine Ad #3- Popcorn Ad


  1. This ad I selected focused on selling the product Club-house Popcorn seasoning. I think this ad technique was extremely clever in using the popcorn carrying the bottle of seasoning, as if that is what the popcorn really needed/wanted, hence the “Popcorn prefers Club House.”
  2. The objective of this ad was to show that the popcorn tastes so much better with the featured product White cheddar seasoning.  They want to sell more of their Clubhouse seasoning brands for popcorn.
  3. The target market is not specified in this ad, so therefore I would think they are targeting anyone especially those whom love popcorn.
  4. The ad wants the reader to try not only their White cheddar popcorn Seasoning but also all Club House Popcorn seasonings, the different flavors they have.

Magazine Ad #4- Gold Fish Ad 


  • This ad is focused on selling the fun snack of Goldfish.  The technique they used was creative but simple to evoke a response of the viewer by revealing the real use of cheese in their products.
  • The objective of this ad was to show the reader that Pepperidge Farm does not use artificial cheeses to make their goldfish.  In the ad you see a picture of someone shredding real cheese that turn into gold fish.  By revealing this they are trying to convince their viewers that their quality of food is the highest.
  • The target market they are trying to aim at is those who are concerned with quality in their foods as well as the convenience of such an easy snack in many flavors.
  • The ad wants the viewer to purchase more of their wholesome product that they have worked so hard to make sure it is high in quality. The viewer will benefit by getting a snack that is made out of cheese instead of artificial products.


Magazine Ad #5- Subaro


  • The ad is focusing on the brand name Subaru but more so the individual car Subaru Impreza.  The appeal/technique that they used was informative.  There was no humor or any clever way of them approaching the ad except by showing the Subaru in the winter storm.
  • The objective of this ad was to show that the new Subaru can withstand massive winter storms.  It has great traction and stability that helps control slippery situations, as well as keeping you warm throughout the winter.
  • The target market is those that perhaps have to deal with winter storms a lot and need a car that helps them travel safely.
  • The ad wants the reader to go out and try and buy there greatly priced, multi-advanced vehicle.  The buyer will benefit by getting a car that gets good gas mileage, is safe during the winter, is a great price and well equipped.

Newspaper Ad Analysis

    Newspaper Ad Analysis

Newspaper Ad #1- Greenhouse Ad


  • This ad was focused on selling greenhouses by the company Keder Greenhouse.  Their technique/appeal was simple and informative. 
  • The objective of this ad was to sell more of the “strongest, warmest, lowest maintenance greenhouses.”  They made sure they put in points that it has a 10 year guarantee as well.
  • The target market for this ad was for the serious gardener.  Even stated on the ad “for the serious gardener.”
  • The ad wants the viewer to go contact them and purchase one of their greenhouses.  The viewer will benefit by purchase a greenhouse that is the strongest, warmest, lowest maintenance greenhouse that has a 10 year guarantee against UV degradation, and withstands wind speeds.


Newspaper Ad #2 – Dental Practice


  • This ad was trying to focus on the product of exceptional Dental care from a local Dental Practice.  I don’t think there was much of a technique that they used in their ad to evoke an emotional response.  I think they used colors as a highlighter on certain words to catch a viewer’s attention.
  • The objectives of the ad were to sell their dental services that they provide at the practice. They didn’t mention specific new services that they have, they just wanted to inform viewers of their dental practice.
  • The target market is for all viewers that may have some dental issues or currently looking for a new dentist.
  • The ad wants the viewer to contact their Dental practice if they are in need of some dental work.  The viewer will benefit by being helped by Dentists that have been in care for many years, as well as they caring, kind and compassionate


Newspaper Ad #3 – Burger King


  1. This ad is trying to promote and sell their deal meals that they have at Burger King. The technique that they used is sort of a little humor to evoke a response.
  2. The objective of this campaign is to promote and sell their meal deals that they have for a great price.  They want the viewer to see that they have a double cheeseburger with fries and a drink for only $2.99.
  3. The target market is for all people who love cheeseburgers or Burger King.  They put it in the newspaper though for everyone to see so therefore it would be a market for everyone.
  4. The ad wants the viewer to recognize a deal when they see one. They want viewers to go out and purchase a full value meal for a great price, saving money is what the viewer will benefit from.

Newspaper Ad #4 – Piano Ad


  • This ad is focusing on getting more business for the Aekerman’s Piano Store.  Again with a lot of these newspaper ads I don’t particular think they used a certain technique to evoke a response from viewers.  I think with newspaper ads they have to focus more on the colors, pictures, or the correct usage of bold, big letters for the important things.  As in this photo you see important things big and bold.
  • The objective of this ad campaign was to let readers know that you could get a great quality in a piano at a lower cost.  The wanted the viewers to know that they have been in business for many years, so they are a well known business.  They wanted to inform people and sell people pianos that are either new, or used ones that are on sale.
  • The target market would be for those people who either own a piano or for people who have a love for instruments and pianos.
  • The ad wants the viewer to take part in their expansion sale where they are able to benefit from attending by saving money on brand new pianos as well as save money on used ones. They also have the option to get some pianos restored.


Newspaper Ad #5 – Chevy Car


  • This ad shows and is focusing on not only the Chevy brand, they are focusing specifically on Chevy trucks.  I think the ad just again focused on the use of colors and techniques with their wording to evoke a response.
  • The objectives of this ad were to inform viewers of their Chevy Truck Month. They also want them to know about the special features and discount/advantages that they are offering during this Truck Month that only last a limited time.
  • The target market is for those who are currently seeking a new vehicle, possible truck lover as well.
  • The ad wants the viewers to take advantage of their truck month that is only lasting for a limited time only.  If the viewer comes out they will possibly save money, and get a great truck at the same time

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


Positive Factors

Negative Factors







–       Prime Location: Through the research of our facility, we feel that our location will give our business the greatest chance to prosper.  Our facility will be located in North Raleigh, NC. We are fortunate to be situated in an already established shopping center that is conveniently located at I-540 and highway 70. 

–       State of the Art Facility- Our facility will be brand new and  will offer an indoor location and a small outdoor patio. We will have a part room used for birthday parties and events.  We will have two 50 inch flat screen TVs. We will also include the newest baking technology available.

–       Employees- Our sweets and cakes will be made by the best pastry chefs, culinary artists that we can find.  We will seek out people who have degrees or have worked in this field for a long time. We will also provide extra training programs for them to take part in to better their skills.

–       Community Involvement/Promotional- Our business wants to reach out into the community yearly to help donate to organizations or sponsor sports teams to get our name out there.  We also will have monthly/weekly promotions such as 2 for 1 sweets, free T-shirts, Soccer mom promotions, and discounted Value customer packages.




  • Unexpected Growth- Although it is often hard to predict the future economy, we should come up with a plan for what to do in both positive and negative situations. We should consider consulting with similar companies and how they dealt with their growth.
  • Lack of customer awareness- Being a new facility and having a prime location are not always going to bring you customers. Even though we plan on promoting our facility, there are many customers across the county and state that we will still need to make some type of contact with.




Positive Factors

Negative Factors







–       Customer Expansion: Since we have generally focused on Wake County residents, our goal will be to expand and reach out to customers in surrounding counties. As well as new families who have moved from other places to our community.

–       Expanding the facility: As Blissfully Sweet grows, we will eventually need to accommodate for more customers.  With that we would like to either rent out a new facility and/or open new facilities in other counties/states.

–       Creating relationships:  I think it would be great to create relationships with other business or offices.  Perhaps making special offers for people on their lunch breaks, or perhaps have them advertise our business in their office while we offer half price goodies.  






–       Price wars between competitors: Until Blissfully Sweet can establish itself, we will be exposed risks on a daily basis. We feel that we will be susceptible if our competitors were to undercut our prices.

–       Financial Slowdown: We will definitely be somewhat considered a seasonal business for some of our services (wedding season, graduation season for big cake orders), we are highly influenced by the time of year.  Blissfully Sweet will need to promote more in our off cake season time of year to help bring in those bigger orders other than daily order. 

–       Competitors: With our location being located in the Brier Creek Commons, we have researched three businesses that would be possible competition.  These businesses are: Gigi’s cupcakes, Maggie Moo’s Ice cream and Treatery, and th Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. All three of these businesses provide a sweet treat to customers.  However, Gigi’s Cupcakes simply only provides cupcakes, Maggie Moo’s provides smoothies and ice cream related treats, and The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory provides an assortment of chocolates.  Blissfully Sweet will be able to beat their competitors by providing more services and more sweets and being exceptional at each area of service we provide. 

Television Ad Anaylsis

Television Ads Analysis

Television Ad #1- Chick-fila Commercial

  • The ad I selected was a Chick-fil-a commercial that was focused on making more business for Chick-fil-a.  The appeal that they used throughout this ad was humor. I find that all Chick-fil-a commercials provide some sort of humor.  The cows are a trademark for Chick-fil-a and they always have the cows leaving their world known mark “Eat More Chikin” somewhere in the commercial.
  • The objective of the ad was to encourage viewers to eat more chicken, and to eat more Chick-fil-a, as well as not to eat beef.  They wanted to sell more of their business as well as let viewers known of a limited time milkshake they were offering as well. 
  • The target market is for all viewers of any age range that eat beef and chicken.  They want viewers to steer away from beef from cows, but to eat more chicken.
  • The ad again wants the viewers to bring more business to Chick-fila by eating more chicken than beef from cows. The viewer will benefit by saving the lives of cows.


Television Ad #2- Kia Soul Commercial

  1. The ad I selected was the 2014 Kia Car commercial.  The item they are trying to sell is the new 2014 Kia Soul.  The appeal they used to approach viewers in this commercial was humor, with the use of hamsters working out and doing things that are not even close to realistic. 
  2. The objectives of this campaign were to show the transformation of the Kia Soul.  They want to inform viewers of the new improved, Kia Soul.  As they show the hamsters in the commercial working out to shed some weight to “transform” for their new car, while the car designers are working to design the perfect car for the hamsters.
  3. The target market is for car seekers/buyers looking for a new ride to add to their car collection.
  4. The ad wants the viewer to take a futher look into the new 2014 Kia Soul. The commercial doesn’t actually give a lot of details specifically about the car.  I think the ad was intending to show the viewers and inform the viewers of a new car available through Kia. 

Television Ad #3- Coors Light Scuba Diving Commercial

  • The ad I selected was the Scuba Diving Coors Light commercial.  In the commercial they are focusing on their product, Coors Light beer. The appeal they used was somewhat that of humor because of the unrealistic approach of diving to the coldest parts of the water to get the beer, and the guy dipping his head in there as well to get the beer out.
  • The objective of this ad campaign is to reveal to viewers that Coors Light has the world’s most refreshing and cold beer.  By advertising that their beer is the world’s most refreshing beer, it allows them to try and sell more of these beers. 
  • From the commercial mostly you see is a lot of guys drinking their beers or asking for beer. I would suggest that this ad’s target market would be guys that like to drink the best beer.
  • The ad wants guys to go out and request for the coldest beer and refreshing one, Coors Light.  The viewer will not necessarily benefit from the product other than knowing that they have the coldest beer in the world.


Television Ad #4- Light the Night Target Commercial

  • I chose Target’s Light the Night commercial.  In this commercial they are moreso promoting their store rather than a particular item/product.  The technique they used was very simplistic approach. They didn’t do anything extravagant to give across their message.
  • The objectives of the ad were so show the very simplistic but nice background showing the “Target Style” with the different furniture options, lighting, table accessories.  They wanted to show viewers that they can throw a nice party with all of these items at an affordable price.
  • The target market from the looks at the commercial is for young adults that like to put on nice party summer events. 
  • The ad wants the viewer to be able to go out and purchase great items to put on a great party but spending less money.  With good prices as their main goal at Target, they want that message to convince customers to come in and buy everything they need.


Television Ad #5 – Kid Foot Lockear Melo Dominates (funniest commercial ever :))

  • I chose Kids Foot Locker commercial. In this commercial they use humor as their technique to evoke an emotion response. 
  • The objective of this ad was to sell kid’s clothes. They gave the vision/idea that if kid’s got clothes from Kids Foot Locker they would play big and strong like the NBA player.
  • The target market of this ad was directed towards little athletic boys.
  • The ad wants the kids to want their clothes so they can be big in their next season of sports.  The commercial portrays to kids that with their clothes they will be big, strong and competitive in basketball.